The Spartan Parts sales team is comprised of individuals highly trained in the packaging industry, whose experience has taught them to spot areas that may benefit from improvement. These are people who are well versed in replacement parts for packaging equipment, specializing in stainless steel, plastic, and other exotic materials. They are always ready to visit you on site, make recommendations, give a quote, and walk you through the ordering process.



Our engineering professionals are experts in SolidWorks. Their 3D designs allow us to confidently fit your new parts on to existing equipment with great precision. Each of our engineers brings expertise in different areas, but they all excel in stainless steel and plastic designs for sanitary packaging applications. This allows them to create new designs, improve on existing designs, or reverse engineer your existing parts to bring you the best performance and value.



Spartan Parts’ machine shop is proudly equipped with a full service team of 1st and 3rd shift CNC Machinists. In order to supply our customers with the best products possible, our shop is full of top of the line equipment. We run 3 CNC lathes and 5 CNC mills. 2 of these are 5 axis mills which save time and money building complex parts in only one set up. This allows for shorter lead times and better prices for your replacement parts. After Machining, all of our parts are buffed and sent through quality control to ensure the best products for our customers.